Reasons to Book a Reliable Tree Service Provider

Most people tend to take trees for granted and don’t even understand the benefits they constantly bring to all of us. Besides being pretty and growing fruits, they also provide shade, a place for children to play and are really important for the environment and our health.

Trees absorb the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and then remove and store the carbon and release oxygen back in the air. This way, in just a year, an acre of trees provides air for 18 fully grown people. They also absorb polluting gases as well as odors, and they act like a natural filter for the particles in the air.

A great benefit that homeowners can get by booking a tree service is decreasing the use of their air conditioners during the summer. The experts will plant the trees around your house in a way that the building can stay under their shades, which will allow you to use less electricity in order to stay cool.

If you are a resident of San Mateo, CA and want to book a tree service, turn to Erickson Quality Tree Works - San Mateo. Contact us today at (650) 397-2492.

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